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At Enguard, Inc., our prime objective is to lower your company's tax payments by taking advantage of all legitimate credits and exemptions available to you based on where you operate and what type of business you are. For more than thirty years, Enguard has delivered expert assistance to manufacturers, industrial processors, and restaurants, as well as to commercial and industrial clients in all matters tax: Sales and Use Tax, Cost Segregation, Real Property Tax, and Personal Property Tax. Our core specialty, and the reason you're probably here, is our depth of understanding of Utility Tax exemptions

Utility Studies — Take Full Advantage of All That’s Available to You

In many states, including Indiana, energy costs associated with business production are exempt from sales tax. Depending on the type of business, this exemption might be worth many thousands of dollars.

Yet determining the percentage of your utility bill that supports production vs. another non-exempt facet of your business’ operation can be tricky.

You don’t want to leave available tax-savings on the table, but neither do you want to risk huge penalties and interest charges by claiming a larger tax exemption than is warranted. Fortunately, the utility tax experts at Enguard can work with you to determine the specific sales tax exemption percentage for your company.

At Enguard, our consultants will make sure you're only paying your fair share … and not too much!

Your competitors are taking advantage of their sales tax exemptions … so should you!

Enguard delivers utility sales tax consulting to organizations across the country

On-site Consulting Support, Right When You Need It

The Utility Tax Consultants at Enguard Are Ready to Support You

At Enguard, we’re no stranger to the hurdles large corporations can face when navigating utility tax exemptions. Let us untangle the web of frequently changing state regulations and clear the path forward. We offer on-site enterprise support for organizations that need our experts to come to their front door. We will provide the guidance and documentation your organization needs to confidently right-size your tax obligation.

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