Enguard assists businesses and professionals of all kinds claim their maximum utility tax exemptions on energy used in production
Enguard can help you claim utility sales tax exemptions on energy used in manufacturing, industrial processing or cooking

Sales & Use Tax

If You Do Business in Multiple States, You May Be Overpaying Your Taxes

With the complexity of state and local sales and use taxes, companies often pay more than they should, especially when doing business in more than one state.

In fact, state auditors can be inconsistent in their determination of what is taxable and what is non-taxable. State auditors usually ignore purchases that were taxed and instead focus only on those items that were bought as tax exempt.

That's why you need Enguard's experienced consultants on your side for determining your utility sales tax in Indiana and states across the U.S.

Sales & Use Tax

Enguard Will Review Your Company's Sales & Use Tax Procedures

Turn to Enguard to ensure that you are paying taxes correctly. In the event of overpayments, Enguard can recover refunds or credits going back 3 – 4 years. We also point out any exposure due to underpayments. We will work closely with your accounting staff to make sure you don't overpay in the future and represent you in sales and use tax audits.

As tax laws and their interpretations are changing constantly, Enguard can keep your company abreast of any changes that could benefit you. And because we work on a contingency fee basis, there is no cost to you unless we secure refunds or credits for your company. Enguard, unlike state auditors, will be a proactive force for your company.

To determine if your company could benefit from Enguard’s sales and use expertise, please contact us! One of Enguard’s tax specialists will connect with you to further discuss this tax-savings opportunity. 

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