Enguard assists businesses and professionals of all kinds claim their maximum utility tax exemptions on energy used in production
Enguard can help you claim utility sales tax exemptions on energy used in manufacturing, industrial processing or cooking

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Are You Paying Too Much?

Almost every business faces the inescapable certainties of sales and use tax, property tax, utilities, and federal and state income tax. Often, we pay them without questioning them. Consequently, many companies pay far more than they should.

Enguard and its team of professionals have helped hundreds of companies over the years obtain sales and use tax refunds and credits, obtain tax refunds and exemptions on utility bills, and save money by reducing property tax obligations.

We strive to keep abreast of every tax saving opportunity that becomes available for our clients. When new opportunities arise, we seek out the most qualified and experienced specialists to go to work for you.

Enguard's Cost Segregation team and our Research and Development Tax Credit team consists of professionals with engineering and tax backgrounds and have completed hundreds of studies related to their specializations. You can rest assured that Enguard's professionals are always ready to help your company identify tax savings and we appreciate every opportunity to explore possibilities on your behalf.

Meet David Glass, Our President

As founder of Enguard, Mr. Glass has been involved in state and local tax issues since 1986. Early on, he adopted the philosophy that Enguard would provide their services to clients in a win-win scenario. That, coupled with an attitude that integrity is the best policy, has been the key to the company’s success. Over the years, David has concentrated on "steering the Enguard ship" and insuring that both he and the professionals at Enguard stay abreast of opportunities that may benefit their clients.

In laying the foundation for his career leading Enguard, David personally worked with hundreds of companies throughout Indiana in the areas of State and Local taxes. He has attended numerous tax seminars and has also obtained a Certified Level II Assessor certification, which is the highest level recognized by the State of Indiana.

David attended Cathedral High School in Indianapolis and obtained a degree in Industrial Management from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. You can email David at daveg@enguard.net.

Our Executive Team

Mark Price, Director, Operations

Dennis Glass, Director, Property Tax

Josie Henneke, Director, Sales and Use Tax

Lori Barton, Office Manager

Jeff Allen, Customer Accounts

No company is better than the people that work there. The professional staff at Enguard will be proud to put our considerable expertise to work for you. Call us today at 866-829-5665!

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