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Take Your Research and Development Tax Credits

All Successful Product Manufacturers on U.S. Soil Earn R&D Tax Credits

Research & Development Tax Credits

Are you benefiting from R&D Credit?

Congress awards companies that engage in technical product and process development because such companies have a long record of creating jobs and strengthening the U.S. economy. The reward for investing in R&D is a dollar-for dollar tax credit which can significantly reduce a company’s federal tax obligation.

  • Immediate increase in cash flow
  • Permanent tax savings
  • Additional tax savings in future years
  • Reduction in effective tax rate
  • Increased market value

Can companies without a formal R&D program still qualify for this credit?

Every successful manufacturing company is potentially eligible for an R&D tax credit. Many companies are unaware that certain activities of their daily operations qualify as research and development.

Enguard’s advanced R&D credit service includes:

  • Cost effective, time efficient, and audit defensible web-based software that identifies, tracks and quantifies R&D activities henceforth
  • Initial training and continual technical support, including quarterly reviews  
  • Calculating your company’s credits for the previous three tax years 
  • Providing your CPA with all documentation necessary to claim the R&D credit

To determine if your company qualifies for the R&D tax credit, please contact us at 866-829-5665 and one of Enguard’s R&D specialists will then contact you to further discuss this tax-savings opportunity.

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