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Sales Tax Saving Tips for Restaurateurs Operating in Indiana

From the roof-top hideouts grilling the delicious steaks to ice cream parlors laden with the sweetest of flavors, Indiana is home to all types of restaurateurs. Operating in a competitive industry, these restaurateurs do everything to make their customers happy so that they keep coming back for more. And when the flip of the presenter is primed with a discount on offer, served as the main course of a restaurant’s strategic tax savings menu, who would not love to come back? However, the challenge for restaurateurs lies in mastering the culinary skill, striking the balance between compliancy and making most of the tax savings on offer. Many fail at it, but almost all successful restaurant chains that have been here serving the hungry buds, they have cracked the art. Today, we highlight how to up your tax savings game and be among those counted few. 1) Realize Your Tax Savings on…

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What Non-Profit Organizations in Indiana Need to Know About Utility Sales Tax Exemptions

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Here at Enguard Inc, we have successfully facilitated many non-profit organizations, advising them on how to reduce their overhead expenses by leveraging tax exemptions and deductions. After all, for non-profit organizations, efficient utilization of financial resources is very important, as they don’t have profit streams to rely on.